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Harmony 525 Software Download

November 14th, 2011

You can find plenty of online sources to download Logitech Harmony 525 software. You can find out whether your remote will actually control your existing equipment. Compatibility facts are displayed in detail. Moreover, you can consider adding a device to your Harmony Remote. If you experience trouble, you can:


  • Upgrade/Reapply the remote firmware
  • Locate the device manufacturer number to get information
  • Find the remote model number


This multipurpose controller is certainly capable of controlling your media system in a majestic way. While this appears to be a single remote control, it includes HTPC. Harmony is known as the 525th entry model of quality Harmony range- You can control as many as 15 devices simultaneously. Find out if this remote can emulate your electronic equipment. Select the activity you desire. In short, this controls audio, gaming appliance, lights, etc. It has customizable buttons that allow users to gain control over more activities. If your Harmony Remote has stopped working, you should immediately ask for assistance. Customer support will guide you through the entire process. As far as batteries are concerned, battery life issues are not common. However, you can keep a charge handy.

You can use this remote for many other uses. For example, you can pair up your Logitech Harmony 525 with your Play station console. Enjoy unlimited fun and entertaining time by enhancing your communication home infrastructure. This control is exactly what you need. Add as many features as you like! Get ready to get real.